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Тема: Soldier Of fortune 1

Hello guys I'm Julien I play a game called Soldier Of Fortune 1, I don't know if you heard of this game. It came out in 2000, there isn't alot of player but enough to organize some league. In the past we had 3 anti-cheat. Haxorcist, Wax dark avenger and the UAC, didn't know if you know these are not. At this moment we try to save this game because its' a very interesting one and original. We do have a website here www.sof1.org and a serverlist online made by a Player called CTRL wich realesed a lot for this game like SOF PLUS, wich give you colors name, better FPS etc.

For to have an idea of the Gaming I let you watch this video wich show how players plays.

My question is, do you think there is a way to use your UCP anti cheats for that game?
Thank you for your attention guys and thank for the help.